Data Mailbox

The Data Mailbox Information System is a public administration information system. A data mailbox enables you to send and/or receive electronic documents to/from public authorities, such as courts, police or administrative bodies, free of charge.

Communication via data mailboxes replaces the classical method of delivery by letter because of the Data Mailbox Act which has made the paper and electronic versions of sent documents equal. Public authorities and legal entities registered in the Commercial Register have a data mailbox set up automatically, everyone else has to apply for its setup.

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Postal Data Message

You can use a data mailbox to receive and/or send data messages from/to public authorities. You can also use your data mailbox to send data messages to any legal entity as well as other, private data mailbox users.

Are you going to send postal data messages frequently and regularly? Why not sign a contract to send postal data messages to get a lower unit price?

Are you going to send postal data messages unfrequently and irregularly? Why not top up your credit and send postal data messages without obligations and monthly payments?

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Data Safe

Unlike many email accounts, data mailboxes have an unlimited capacity. As a data mailbox user you will never miss a message just because your mailbox is full. On the other hand, data messages are stored in your mailbox only for 90 days. You can read and save them in that period of time.

If you do not want to worry about storing and archiving of your messages at all, why not use Data Safe. Data Safe automatically archives data messages so that you will never lose any important message.

Order Data Safe Only available in Czech.

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Extract from Public Administration Register

Do you regularly take part in public biddings? Do you want to have current extracts from the Commercial Register, Trades Register, or Register of Qualified Contractors available at any time? Do you not want to have to go and get such extracts in person at a Czech POINT?

Why not sign a contract for automatically mailed extracts from public administration information systems? You will have a current extract available at any time.

As soon as you sign the contract and complete the order forms, you will be automatically mailed the required number of extracts once every 3 months (or in any other required interval). Payment will be based on invoice delivered together with the ordered extracts.

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Authorised Conversion of Documents

Do you want to regularly convert large volumes of documents from electronic to paper format, or vice versa? Do you not want to have to wait for the conversion at a post office? Why not sign a framework contract for Authorised Conversion of Documents services? You will just send your documents to our specialised department and receive the converted documents by post.

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Security certificates (PostSignum)

We have been accredited by the Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic as a provider of certification services. Our PostSignum certification authority services include issuing of qualified certificates, commercial certificates, and qualified time stamps.

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