Czech Post introduced a booklet of stamps with the Czech crown jewels

On 20 January 2017, Czech Post started to sell a booklet with definitive E-stamps from the series The Crown Jewels. Each booklet contains 8 definitive self-adhesive stamps of the total value of CZK 256. Sixty thousand booklets have been issued so far.

The series was designed by the academic painters and graphic artists Jaromír and Libuše Knotek. The first day cover was designed by the graphic artist and engraver Martin Srb. The stamps were printed by the Postal Security Printing Company using full-colour offset technology.

The face value of each E-stamp corresponds to the value of a priority ordinary letter up to 50 g to European countries. The customers must buy the entire booklet rather than individual stamps. Each stamp and the back side of the booklet portray the logo of the World Exhibition PRAGA 2018. Further elements printed on the back side include a hologram used as a security feature, a barcode and additional texts.

The booklet is accompanied by a first day cover (FDC) with a first day cancellation mark. The FDC depicts a motif from a portrait of Charles IV. It is printed by recess printing from flat plates and contains a motif of the crown jewels and the text “PRAGUE 20 January 2017”.

The crown of Saint Wenceslas created in 1346 on Charles IV’s request was modelled on the no longer used 13th century Premyslid crown and the former French crown of Saint Louis. It is made of pure gold, weighs 2.5 kg and is set in diamonds and pearls. The gold Royal orb was made by an unknown Rudolphine goldsmith in the late 16th century. The gold Royal sceptre dates back to Maximilian II’s Renaissance era of the second half of the 16th century.