Czech Post offers help to electricity and gas suppliers with their end consumers and customer care

Czech Post operates 3,200 branches in almost 2,500 municipalities throughout the Czech Republic. This unique network of points of contact can now be used by electricity and gas supplier to provide customer care or obtain new customers.

As a company operating on the Czech market for many decades, Czech Post has created a strong customer trust. As such, it can offer a significant potential in the area of customer care and acquisition through its points of contact - post offices - for end consumers of electricity and gas. To this end, it has organised a market survey to address the major electricity and gas suppliers on the Czech market.

Further information can be obtained from Ing. Lubomír Petrla, Retail Business Director, by email sent to: or by letter sent to Czech Post’s mailing address, at the latest by 31 August 2017 at 4 p.m.